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What is a Lace Front/Full Lace Wig?

A lace front wig is a type of hair replacement in which strands of hair are hand tied onto a base made of French lace, Swiss lace, thin skin and other types of materials. Once applied the hair appears to be coming directly from your scalp. It is a more natural in appearance than a typical weave because there are no blending associated with full lace and lace front wigs.

What is the difference in a full lace wig and a lace front wig?

A full lace wig has lace all around the perimeter and is ideal for those wanting to wear updos, middle to high ponytails and other styles where the back of the head and neck will be exposed. A lace front wig only has lace ear to ear, and is ideal for those who do not care to wear their hair up.

How long will my lace wig last?

The life expectancy of your full lace wig will depend on the care. Everyone will have a different experience due to the handling, care and daily use of their lace front or full lace wig. One should typically get at least 6 months out of their lace wigs before needing any repairs. Some will go at least 1 year before needing any repairs, but it all depends on each individual.

What is your guarantee/refund policy?

We guarantee you will receive exactly what you order. Please see "Our Guarantee" on the home page.

How many colours can my full lace/lace front wig have?

You can have up to 2 colours on your lace wig. Additional colours will be an additional £ 10.00 each, and if ordered we will invoice you for the additional charge before starting the production of your lace wig.

Is the hair tangle free?

There is no such thing as tangle free hair. Despite what others are advertising, it does not exist. Just as our own hair tangles, occasionally so will the hair on your lace wigs. You should not experience matting and severe tangling with normal use and care, however occasional tangles are normal and can be easily finger combed out.

I need a stock wig tomorrow, is this possible?

Yes, Within UK, all wigs can be shipped next day delivery if ordered M-F before 3pm excluding holidays. Upon checkout, simply choose  Next Day Express  shipping and we will get it to you in time.

How long will it take to make my custom full lace or lace front wig?

Since the hair is individually hand tied strand by strand, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to make your wig. Most wigs will be completed by the 6th week, however delays do occur at certain times of the year due to a rush of orders.

Can i colour and perm my full lace wig?

The hair used on each wig is 100% human hair with no fillers. You can do these things to your full lace wig, however by doing so you take full responsibility of any problems that may arise and agree that Fabulous Front Lace wigs is not responsible for any problems with your unit after any chemical process you or your beautician perform.

What are Baby Hairs?

Baby hair is the fine hair that grows naturally along the hairline. You may order your custom Lace Wig with or without this option. The fine baby hair along the hairline gives an even more natural look.

What are Knots?

A Lace Wig knot is the tie that holds the hair to the cap. A simple knot is used mainly around the perimeter or the front of the wig. This allows the wig to blend more easily into the hairline. Double knots are a bit thicker and can be used along the perimeter, top and back of the wig.

We recommend you seal the knots to extend the life of the wig and prevent excessive shedding, Use an acrylic sealer TDI Knot Sealer. Turn the unit inside out and place the unit on a wig mannequin. Spray the inside of the cap lightly standing 6 to 8 inches away. DO NOT SPRAY SEALER ON THE HAIR. You should not be able to see the spray on your unit. If so, you have used too much. Let the unit dry for 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure the cap is completely dry before removing the unit. Removing the unit too soon may cause the cap to shrink.

What type of lace is used? 

Lace wigs can be ordered in French Lace, Swiss Lace or Superfine Swiss lace. French lace is more durable and will hold up better over time. The Swiss lace is slightly thinner and more fragile. Most people order the French Lace due to its durability. If applied properly, both caps will give you the undetectable hairline finish you're looking for.